Hay Scribblers Tour 2019/Taith Ysgriblwyr Y Gelli Gandryll 2019

Recently, a group of Year 8 students visited Swansea University at the Hay Scribblers Tour, where we spent the day with three very different authors: Emma Carroll, Jenny Valentine and Karl Nova.

Emma Carroll led us through different ways to create the plot of a book. We looked at random photos and had to think about how places might smell, if they were abandoned, what was on the floor and so on. By the end of the workshop we all had some great ideas that could be used to write a novel.

This was our first introduction to Karl Nova and his work, so we were excited to visit his workshop. Do you like poetry? How about RAP? Well, did you know that RAP is actually an acronym for Rhythm andPoetry? Karl is a RAP artist and performer and has “reluctantly” written a poetry book. He performed some of his RAPs and got us to join in. At the end of his workshop he did some ‘freestyling’ and we had to give him words to include. Gwilym gave him the word ‘Llandaff’ and Karl managed to fit it in to his song with ease.

We spent the day doing various creative workshops, brain warm-ups, and learning new ways of finding inspiration for when you have writer’s block. I even got ideas for a new theatrical script!  

Afterwards we took a very informative tour of Swansea University, which has its own theatres, shops and even a travel agency. They have all the sports that you can think of, from archery to skiing.  They even have a Quidditch team! (Which we would love to happen at Bishop…)

All in all it was a very inspiring and interesting day out.

Polly (Year 8)