Expressing myself through music/Mynegi fy hun trwy fiwsig

In March, the Year 8 worship band, of which I am a member, played in the Year 8 Eucharist. It’s not always easy to play – in fact I messed up twice during the Eucharist – but despite this, I really enjoy playing for the worship band. It’s really fun and rewarding as it’s an opportunity to get a good musical reputation and to play at different events. What’s more, it’s good to be in a group with like-minded people and talented musicians.

Recently, Henry, our pianist, got into School of Rock – The Musical in London’s West End, something we are all very excited about as aspiring musicians. However, for me, playing in the school worship band isn’t just about getting the experience and playing really complex pieces of music, it’s about being able to express my relationship with God, and using the talent I feel He has given me in the best way. This, for me, was highlighted during the recent Year 8 Eucharist.

Callum (Year 8)