‘Something Bishop this way comes’ – our visit to Macbeth at the Millennium Centre/Ein hymweliad a Macbeth yng Nghanolfan Y Mileniwm

On 21st March, a group of Year 9 students had the opportunity to visit a theatre production of Macbeth in the Wales Millennium Centre with the Drama and English departments. Thursday’s matinee performance was definitely the most enjoyable school trip of the year so far, and not just because we were able to miss afternoon lessons! The National Theatre’s tour of the UK and Ireland seems to have been very popular, with a sold out run in London, and will come in very useful when studying Shakespeare next year.

The play’s dark, eerie and visually daring nature added to the tense atmosphere in the auditorium and left many people inspired to look a little deeper into Shakespeare’s works. Also, the large, bridge-like set created a different perspective and angle in each scene by moving around the stage and having many alternating purposes, a particular highlight being when it was used to create a fairly realistic beheading!

Personally, my favourite part of the play was at the very start when three mythical witches spoke creepily from the tops of high trees which they crept up and watched the action from. Their deep breathing in time together and echoed tone really set the scene very well and created so much tension – it was very unsettling. Overall, this play was so much fun and I recommend theatre productions of Shakespeare plays to all. Thank you so much to the Drama and English departments for arranging this trip.

Emily (Year 9)