Harvard comes to Cardiff/Mae Havard yn dod i Gaerdydd

On Monday 11th March, we had a visit from a recruiter from Harvard University in the US. Unfortunately, he wasn’t a freshman straight from Boston like in the movies. A group from Year 10 spent Monday morning learning about how to apply to an American university and taking part in some entertaining activities such as building straw skyscrapers (which we all failed at, except for one lucky group!)

As it turns out, applying to an American university is rather different than applying to one here in the UK. For example, in the application, they would rather hear more about you as a person than your academic qualifications. During the morning, we were given a selection of headings of essays and told to write the introduction to our own using one of these. It was surprisingly difficult, at least in my opinion, to choose from such a broad range but once we got underway, it was a breeze! Our group had a variety of different topics which were really engaging.

Mr Gordon led us all throughout the morning. He is a very interesting person, who clearly has a lot of experience in university education. At one point, he gave us a taster of what an American interview would be like; I volunteered to take part. All he did was ask questions purely based around me and my life, which was different from how I imagine British interviews to be like. It was little experiences like this throughout that kept us all engaged, especially the sweets at the end!

Overall, Mr Gordon provided a broader perspective of where we could go for higher education. The journey to Harvard starts in Year 11 and although we’re not quite there yet, it’s certainly worth considering. I’m sure that all of us will give much thought to a potential future over the Atlantic.

Liam (Year 10)