Bishop musicians showcase their talents/Cerddorwyr Yr Esgob yn arddangos eu doniau

Thanks to the hard work of the Music department, our inaugural ‘Spring Showcase’ was held on the 2nd April. Here, some of the participants give their thoughts and feelings about this musical extravaganza

I really enjoyed performing in the school’s Spring Concert. It was a great night filled with so much amazing talent, not just from our school but also from Llandaff City Primary. The day before the concert we all had a great day off timetable, spending time together playing instruments, singing and getting everything ready to perform. Then before we knew it, it was time for the real thing!

Along with taking part in the Choir, Orchestra and Big Band, I played a trombone solo called “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from The Lion King. It was quite nerve-wracking standing up by myself in front of so many people and it didn’t help that I tripped over a cello on the way up… But once I started playing I was fine and I really enjoyed it. After that I got a big round of applause before relaxing and listening to all the other brilliant performances that followed me.

Caitlin (Year 9)

The Spring Showcase was a brilliant night of music. It started with a full day rehearsal on the Monday before the concert, with students from Llandaff City Primary School coming up because they were our special guests. The day was exciting because we knew we would be performing the following night.

The day of the concert arrived and preparations were starting in the hall. When the time to perform finally came we all gathered along with parents in the hall. The opening number ‘Africa’ was a joint number with all the choirs.

There were a number of different acts and performances from Years 7 to 13, featuring bands, solos, duets, orchestras and choirs, and including our duet to ‘Hallelujah’. We really enjoyed performing at our first concert in Bishop and hope it will be the first of many. The spring showcase was a success!

Matilda and Jess (Year 7)

On the 2nd April, the school held its very first Spring Showcase, including performances from large ensembles, solos and duets. It was a night to remember, especially with the opening number, ‘Africa’ by Toto, which transformed the main hall into a wild savanna! It was lovely to have our guest musicians, from Llandaff City Primary, to join the concert. The orchestra and choir put on some breath-taking performances and it was fulfilling to collaborate with the primary school and create a performance that included the primary school choir, our junior choir, the senior choir and the band!

It was a stunning display with the help of the tech team and lighting which perfectly added to the atmosphere: it was so satisfying to see the different talents that we all share. For example, the orchestra performed a piece written by a Year 11 student! There were brilliant instrumentals on the trombone and piano whilst emotional classics like ‘Hallelujah’ created an engaging set of acts.

Bethan and I had the opportunity to host the show, which was both stressful and extremely enjoyable! It was great to have the experience and try something new. Overall, I really enjoyed the night and it was a really fun evening. Next stop: BGT!

Shivam (Year 10)

The Spring Showcase was an amazing experience for all! It started off with some hand made noises to create the image of a rain forest, which was very effective. From the thunder and rain noises came in a drum beat and ‘Africa’ (by Toto) started, which was a combination of both our choir, Llandaff City Primary School choir, and our band. Another of our ensembles was a piece called ‘Curiosity’ which was composed by a Year 11 student called Michael and performed by both orchestras. The concert also consisted of bands put together by students, many instrumental and vocal solos, the big band, the amazing Llandaff City orchestra and choir and ‘Bishop’ choir and orchestra. The concert also flowed really well due to Morgan and Shivam’s talks between each act!

Trystan (Year 8)

The school’s Spring Showcase was truly a wondrous evening bursting with talent and musicality. Being an avid musician myself, I was keen to take part in and help out with as much of the show as possible: taking part in the orchestra, big band, senior choir, and a few other small ensembles. In particular, I was allowed the opportunity to write a piece for the combined orchestras of Bishop and the Llandaff City Primary orchestra. Having been given such a challenge, seeing the piece come to life was a surreal experience that I will never forget. The whole evening was a joy to be part of: from the very first to the very last act.

Michael (Year 11)