Preparing for the Eisteddfod/Paratoi at Yr Eisteddfod

The school Eisteddfod is always one of the highlights of the year, but such a major event in our calendar takes many weeks of careful preparation. Here, all four of our house teams tell us about the work they have been doing in the build-up to this year’s event, which takes place on Thursday 11th April. Watch out for a full report on the events of the day in the summer edition of The Mitre!

It’s been an uphill battle for the St. David House Team – anyone who attends assembly every week will know our constant scramble to keep up with the other houses’ Tocynnau Iaith numbers! Although our lengthy motivational speeches may be tiresome to listen to on occasions, we truly believe that the enthusiasm and effort within the house has rocketed in the last few months and will pay off on the day! Go St David!

Alice (Year 13) St. David

In the beginning, Eisteddfod preparation was very difficult and confusing (especially for the banner). We had accumulated a huge variety of many different ideas but had then been confused as to where to apply them. However, we have decided to include what we feel are the best ideas that allow us to stand out from the other houses and win this year’s Eisteddfod!

For banner, as mentioned previously, we found it hard to start off in the right way but the incredible support and team work within the whole house enabled us to begin creating a banner with multiple interpretations and depth. Also, to do this we allocated a select few of people so that it got done efficiently alongside other preparation.

For stage performances, it was a little rocky at the start with people not turning up to practice, but things soon began to pick up after motivation from the team and getting others to sign up in replacement. Now we are just finalising routines and can’t wait to perform them on stage.

Overall, we are very excited for the day and overwhelmingly happy that we all pulled together as a team, which we believe has resulted in a team-wide confidence that we will win the 2019 Eisteddfod!

Janice (Year 13) St. John

The school Eisteddfod is definitely one of the best events of the school calendar. From banner painting, to poetry writing, to performing on stage, there are so many different aspects of Eisteddfod that are all equally enjoyable and important. Many of the house team members have participated in both on and off stage events in the Eisteddfod from Year 7 throughout their time at high school, and consequently, know how rewarding extra-curricular events like this are both for students and staff.

We at St Paul house have been gathering ourselves together in preparation for the Eisteddfod. The house team this year have been very lucky as there have been so many younger students wanting to participate in all types of Eisteddfod events, and we can’t wait for the ‘big day’ to present all of our hard work to the judges! May the best house (St Paul) win!

The St. Paul House Team

St Teilo has worked tirelessly to ensure that we can work as a team and maintain continuous pride in our house. We are proud of what we have achieved this year, but to do well in Eisteddfod would top it off for us! The rehearsals so far have been excellent as the students participating have put in constant effort to get stuck in with what they have to do, ranging from the on-stage competitions to departmental and our banner competitions. We promise to entertain everyone and put on a show come the day of the Eisteddfod. We have a team of people and a house with a wide range of talents which we’re sure will be shown brilliantly, on stage and off-stage. We can’t wait to see what the day has in store: win or lose, we can definitely say that our house has worked to the best of its ability.

The St Teilo House Team