Exploitation Ambassadors – Helping Educate Our Students/Llysgenhadwyr Ecsbloetiaeth – Yn helpu addysgu ein myfyrwyr

The school was invited to participate in a programme organised by Cardiff Local Authority to help educate young people about the exploitation of young people in this country and abroad.

Several high schools from across the city were present and enjoyed informative sessions from different agencies such as South Wales Police and Barnardo’s, covering hard hitting topics such as: Unhealthy Relationships; Use of Social Media and issues of Sexting; County Lines and Knife Crime; Ethnic Minority Support, Grooming and Trafficking.

The four students involved now have the title of Exploitation Ambassadors and the challenge of creating a programme to educate students in school about the problem and to help raise awareness of it. Related stories populate the news on a very regular basis and the school feels it is very important for our students to be aware of the issues so that they themselves could avoid involvement in such activities and also to help prevent someone they know becoming involved.

The team are currently developing the programme and plan to implement it after Easter, working closely with an appointed member from the Local Authority. More information will follow in the summer term when the team will also present their programme at County Hall at the end of June.

Mr Davies (Chaplain)