Fy mhrofiad cyntaf gyda’r Urdd/My first experience with the Urdd

On Saturday 30th March, I went to Llangrannog in West Wales to spend the day in the Urdd site to compete for the Bobi Jones Medal. Considering I’ve never been to Llangrannog before, this experience was incredible.

The day consisted of non-stop Welsh speaking; we introduced ourselves to people competing as a ‘hot seat’ task alongside our judges. We also had to bring in an item that was special to us and talk about it – we could ask questions to find out more about each other because of this too! Afterwards, we had team building exercises; so we had to work together, all six of us, to complete a variety of challenges… without speaking English!

We had our lunch and then went outside and learnt how to make fire, the old fashioned way! During this time I had a scheduled chat with the judges on different topics, such as if I’ve enjoyed my day, why I’ve chosen to learn and carry on with Welsh and what hopes I have for the language in the future. I had to go and talk in front of a camera afterwards too – which was another new experience for me!

However, after an eventful day I earnt second place: the person who came first deserved it! Plus I found out that we are in the same accommodation and doing the same course in University, so it won’t be the last time I see them anyway. I’m now keeping in contact with all of the participants as we bonded so well in the space of a day.

I didn’t tell anyone about this to begin with, as I didn’t even think I could do the audition to film myself speaking Welsh, let alone go to West Wales and speak to people I’ve never met before. This experience has really encouraged me to carry on learning the language and I can’t thank everyone involved enough for the support.

Bethany (Year 13)