Headteacher’s Message/Neges y Prifathro


Welcome to the latest edition of our termly newsletter.

The spring term has been incredibly busy, as always, not least because we were visited by a team of Estyn inspectors at the end of February. Unfortunately, we are not able to discuss the findings of the visit until the report is released on 2nd May. However, we will write to families when the report is released. We also anticipate a diocesan inspection at some time during the summer term so look out for news on this when we have more details.

We marked the beginning of Lent in an unfamiliar fashion this year with Bishop June, commemorating Ash Wednesday in what has been described as ‘Ash while you dash’. As we came towards the end of the Lenten season, we celebrated our unique Welsh Christian identity with the annual Eisteddfod celebrations followed with whole-school Eucharist. These events not only remind us of our Christian mission but also reinforce how lucky we all are to be members of such a wonderful school community. Thank you to everyone who has helped make these occasions ‘special’.

At the end of the term we say goodbye to Mrs Dodwell (Head of English) who begins her maternity leave. During this time Miss Lansdown will take over as Acting Head of English. Also, our Pastoral Manager Pete Joyce left the school in March to pursue his career ambition of joining the police force. While we were very sad to see him leave we believe he will be a great addition to a different type of public service. Mr Davies (Head of Marion Centre) has been appointed to a new role within the school as Lay Chaplain. He will take up this post after the Easter break and will bring vast experience and expertise to support the students and staff. Mr Davies will be replaced by Miss Thomas, who joins us from one of the local specialist resource bases, where she is also a member of the autism advisory team. We have also said goodbye this term to Emma Jones, Science Technician; Kathryn Beach, receptionist; and Denise Davies, Catering Assistant.

As always, it has been an action-packed term and I hope you enjoy reading about some of what has been happening. Thank you once again for all you have done as parents and friends of the school to support us; we couldn’t achieve all this without you. On behalf of everyone at the school, we wish you a happy and relaxing holiday and a joyful Easter.


Eisteddfod 2018


At the beginning of each Spring Term we see the start of preparations for the annual whole school Eisteddfod and yet again this year is no exception.

The Welsh department has been busy in the run up to this year’s Eisteddfod on Wednesday, 28th March.

From the start of term onwards the Sixth Form Eisteddfod officials have been working tirelessly in promoting the Eisteddfod and the various competitions, and most importantly arranging practice sessions and rehearsals with the various participants. As a department we greatly value the hard work of these Sixth Form students in making the Eisteddfod a success at an already busy time of the year. Without the Eisteddfod officials the event would not be possible.

This year the Art department chose the theme ‘Digwyddiadau’r Byd fel y gwelir nhw o Gymru yn 2018’ – ‘World Events as seen from Wales in 2018’, with each of the four houses creating a banner depicting their response.

With these banners the school Sports Hall is transformed into a colourful, inspiring and creative venue for the day’s on-stage competitions.

Students have been hard at work in completing the tasks required for the various departmental competitions. We cannot stress the importance of these competitions enough, as they allow for students who lack the confidence to compete on stage to make a valuable contribution to the Eisteddfod.

I wish to stress as always the importance of really making a big push with the collection of ‘Tocynnau Iaith’. The ‘Tocynnau Iaith’ result has a significant impact on the overall Eisteddfod totals – so keep up the efforts!

This year we have introduced the ‘Clebryn Cymraeg – Welsh Chatterbox’ initiative in school, which is aimed at encouraging and enthusing students to use their incidental Welsh.

This initiative is going from strength to strength with around 40 students gaining their badge. One Year 11 student has gained his ‘Tystysgrif Efydd’/Bronze Certificate and several of the younger students are well on their way to gaining theirs too. Da iawn pawb/Well done everyone. Each badge will earn an additional 5 points for the ‘Tocyn Iaith’ competition in the Eisteddfod and each Bronze Certificate an additional 10 points!

This year’s Eisteddfod was a huge success yet again, with the competitions allowing for our students to display with pride their musical, dancing and performing talents. After a day of intense competition, the final results were

St John – 1427

St Paul – 1404

St Teilo – 1346

St David – 1326

Mr G Davies (Welsh Department)


Passionate house rivalries brought an electric Spring Term to its close, with the 2018 Eisteddfod. A close-fought affair saw St Paul, St John and St David into an early lead, thanks to inspiring performances from all age ranges and in all categories. With banner competitions, departmental contributions and another stellar shortlist for the Chairing of the Bard, the result ended up as close as it’s ever been. Caitlin’s (St Teilo) dystopian vision was a deserving best poem, while Shakespeare came to the fore in some of the senior drama performances – Rob Morgan’s Malvolio and Sophie Lewis’s Mark Anthony pushing an incredible, gender-reversed interpretation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream from John’s Abbie Parry and David Abadir close for the win. Teilo were right back in it by the end of the day, when choirs raised the roof as usual. Meanwhile the staff dance and a rousing final Mae Hen Wlad fy Nhadau sent the younger years home with an ardent determination to make next year’s event an equally stunning celebration of Bishop’s talents and commitments to the performing arts. Bring on next year! With the lead changing hands many times throughout the day, an exciting finale saw St John claiming the honours as Eisteddfod champions of 2018.

We asked for contributions from each of the four houses with some reflections on the build-up to the Eisteddfod and the day itself. Unfortunately, St David and St John weren’t able to meet our deadline! So here are some thoughts from St Teilo and St Paul

Eisteddfod is the most important event on the Teilo school calendar (bar Sports Day). It’s the day where we can all come together and celebrate the great nation of Wales through art, music and dance. In particular for the Teilo House team, it’s the last chance we have to see our house succeed!

A St. Teilo House official


Eisteddfod allowed all of the house teams to work together to create a really special day. St Paul succeeded in getting first place in Senior Song, House Band, House Choir and many more highlights, from Year 7 all the way to Year 13 – the first Eisteddfod for some and the last for the House teams. The atmosphere was incredible despite the cold weather and we are proud to be in a school where the Eisteddfod is conducted on such an impressive scale.

Laura (Year 13/St Paul House)

Bishop Welsh teacher reaches ‘Learner of the Year’ final/Athrawes Gymraeg ‘Yr Esgob’ yn cyrraedd rownd derfynol ‘Dysgwr Cymraeg y Flwyddyn’


The Welsh Department is delighted to announce that our new Welsh teacher Miss R Morgan has succeeded in getting through to the last stage of the Urdd Eisteddfod’s ‘Dysgwr Cymraeg Y Flwyddyn’ (Welsh Learner of the Year) competition. Here she will be in competition with many others from across Wales. Llongyfarchiadau mawr/Many congratulations and we wish Miss Morgan all the very best when the final decision is made at the Urdd Eisteddfod in May. See the Summer edition of The Mitre for news about how she got on!

Mr Davies (Welsh Department)


European Volleyball Status in Liechtenstein/Statws Pêl-Foli Ewropeaidd yn Leichtenstein


Congratulations to Elizabeth, Charlie and Tess, who travel to Liechtenstein to represent Wales at the Under 19 European Championships at the end of April. They will face Scotland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and the Faroe Islands in the final round. All three athletes have trained incredibly hard over the last 12 months to secure their spot. Good luck to you all.

Mr Allman (A&I Department)

Creativity in Textiles/Creadigrwydd yn nhecstiliau


I wanted to share with everyone what I made in Textiles. I made my nature themed pillow as part of my Textiles project in Year 8. Firstly, I carried out a range of research to gain an understanding of existing products. Using the research from the internet I wrote a design specification that outlined a range of requirements that my product must meet. I had decided to design and make a pillow suitable for 13-14 year olds.

I have a real interest in turtles, so I began to think about ways of recreating this design but still making it unique. After trying different looks, I decided to use disperse dyes to make a blue background with a turtle that was blue and green. After making a small version of the front of my pillow I wasn’t happy with the way it looked – the turtle was an army colour instead of an aquamarine tone, and the background was a block of blue which looked boring and wasn’t very aesthetically pleasing.

After a sample I was not entirely impressed with my outcome and went back to developing my design. After amending the design, I decided to use various shapes to create the shape of a turtle, but it proved too difficult to create multiple stencils in the time allocated. Once again, I changed my design and decided to just disperse dye the background and appliqué felt shapes to make a turtle. I crinkled up the paper to make a sea effect for the background and used blue felt and netting to make the turtle. I was ever so happy with my final design and was pleased with the effect of the netting and the textured background. The pillow met the design specification, whilst so being very comfortable. I particularly enjoyed developing ideas, testing and being creative in Textiles. It was great to see my design develop into a handmade product which functions really well.

Kate (Year 8)

Tackling the Big Questions/Mynd i’r afael â’r Cwesitynau Mawr


Picture this; it is 8am on a Sunday morning and four teenagers are forcibly yet somehow voluntarily awoken in order to appear on a live TVshow – It wasn’t pretty!

On the 11th March, we were lucky enough to appear as audience members, or, as we consequently named ourselves, “The Backbenchers,” on BBC1’s The Big Questions as it was being filmed in Newport.

The two topics on that week’s edition questioned the arms trade with Saudi Arabia and obesity being a personal choice. Both debates created heavy support as well as backlash, as expected. Because of this, it was really insightful to understand other people’s viewpoints on somewhat controversial issues. My only issue with the day had to be that my arm was raised for the majority of the second debate as I had an extremely good point to add. But as I wasn’t picked my arm felt like it had fallen off!

Overall, it was a wonderful morning and I definitely would do it again!

Rachel (Year 13)

P.s the photos were taken before the debates; I doubt we were looking that ecstatic post discussing arms trade and obesity!

St David’s Hall Spring Showcase 2018/Arddangosfa Y Gwanwyn Neuadd Dewi Sant 2018


Last week, five talented musicians from our school participated in the St David’s Hall Spring Showcase. Each of us performed in a range of different ensembles – The CCVG Youth Choir, The Senior Wind Band and The Intermediate Percussion ensemble. The CCVG Youth Choir sang 3 different songs – Deep River arranged by our talented conductor, Longest Time by Billy Joel and When You Believe from The Prince of Egypt. The Senior Wind Band performed Fanfare for St Cecilia, Sospan Fach and the Radetzky March – an eclectic mix! The Intermediate Percussion ensemble performed 2 pieces, The A Team and Shape of You arranged by Dave (8MAH).

Bethan (Year 9)

Year 11 student receives South Wales Police award/Myfyriwr Bl 11 yn derbyn Gwobr Heddlu De Cymru


It was a significant moment recently for one of our Year 11 students, who received an award for his work with South Wales Police.

The student commented: “It was good receiving my Certificate of Commendation from Chris Coleman when he was Wales manager. I was awarded it for most commitment and professionalism whilst working with South Wales Police.”

The Bishop of Llandaff High School is very proud that this student’s outstanding commitment has been recognised.

Mr Bonnett (English Department)

Ski Trip 2018/Taith Sgio 2018


This February half term a group of us were lucky enough to go on the school ski trip to Austria. We left by coach on Friday 24th February, heading for Dover.  The journey did seem to take forever, but finally we arrived in Saalbach on Saturday evening, exhausted from the journey but glad to be there.

The next day everyone was refreshed and ready to hit the slopes! After the fitting of our boots we headed for the snow. The first day of skiing went well, and even though I had never been skiing before it wasn’t too difficult and l really enjoyed it. As the week went on the skiing got better as did the snowball fights with Mr Elliott and Mr Connor on the way home!

As well as the skiing, Mr Gardiner had arranged for a sleigh ride one evening, and, even though it was freezing, it was great fun.  We also went to a ski festival in Saalbach where we watched some professionals do amazing jumps on snow boards, skis and even a mountain bike, which everyone thought was really cool.

The week flew by and before we knew it was time to pack up and head for home. This was my first ski trip with school and I loved it! I made new friends and made some fantastic memories which I’ll never forget.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Mr Gardiner, Mr Elliott, Mr Connor, Miss Kettlewell, Miss Smith and Mrs Calcaterra for looking after us and giving up their half term to take us. I hope they enjoyed the week as much as we did!

Lara (Year 8)

Radio Updates/Diweddariadau Radio


After a wonderful Autumn Term, finishing with some exceptional Christmas content produced by our Year 12s and 13s, we started 2018 with a bang! We’ve made some changes to the schedule and our shows are truly evolving with our audience, but that’s not stopping us.

Looking forward, some big changes are coming to BOL Radio. With exam season getting closer, we’re almost ready to hand over management to our new team of hard-working Year 12s. We’ll also be looking for new recruits Key Stages 4 and 5, so if you’d like to get involved just tweet us @BOLHS_Radio or email us RadioStation@bishopofllandaff.org!

The BOL Radio Team

International Women’s Day/Diwrnod Rhyngwladol y Wraig


As I am sure many of you know, 8th March each year is International Women’s Day. During this day many events take place across the world to mark the celebration and this year I was invited by Girlguiding Cymru to speak on behalf of young women about issues that are affecting them today.

The event began by listening to speeches made by chosen female speakers about the amazing things women can achieve. This included a speech by Tori James, the first Welsh woman to climb Mount Everest. It was very inspirational to see women achieving such amazing things, both at home and in places around the world.   

Afterwards, it was time for my panel discussion which was chaired by the Deputy Presiding Officer of the Senedd, Ann Jones. Each of the three other Girlguiding members and I prepared a speech on one of the issues affecting young women today. These issues were highlighted by the recent Girlguiding “Girls’ Attitudes” survey. My chosen topic was Gender Stereotypes and how they affect young people in our society. It was surprising to find out that many young women feel the need to change the way they behave in order to conform to what they feel society expects of them. The other issues that were tackled were the personal safety of young women, stereotypes in education and sexism in adverts and the media.  

I am incredibly grateful to have been asked to take part in such a prestigious event and to have the chance to celebrate International Women’s Day in such an incredible way. I would like to thank Girlguiding Cymru for giving me an amazing opportunity and to The Bishop of Llandaff High School community for supporting me and my participation in the event.

Gwen (Year 12 )

High Scorers’ Concert/Cyngerdd Y Sgorwyr Uchel


Hi, my name is Shivam and I play piano. Why? Simply because it’s simply fun and interesting; there is an infinite number of possibilities and so many styles to explore. A few months ago, I attended my Grade 6 ABRSM Piano Exam where I had the honour of receiving a distinction with 133 marks. I am so grateful to my piano teacher and my family for encouraging me every step of the way.

I expected that to be the end of this and like most students, I began working towards the next grade. But recently I received news that I have been invited to a High Scorers’ Concert in Bridgend. This is simply a concert for the top scorers of each Grade who are invited to do a special performance in front of friends, family, fellow students and other music enthusiasts. 30 people are chosen for each concert and two are held in the same area.

I am participating in the second of the two concerts which is taking place on the 29th April. Of course, it is an invite only event which simply makes it that much more exciting. I can’t wait to experience this event and make the most of this opportunity.

 Shivam (Year 9)

Grease – the Musical/Grease – y ddrama gerddorol


Putting together a school production is much like creating a work of art. What the audience sees (should everything work in harmony) is only what we mean them to see. The last few weeks are a whirlwind of action as all those on and off stage work tirelessly to make sure every prop, every line, every note is in its proper place. All this work is unseen by most of the audience, but appreciated in the world they see created onstage.

It is amazing how quickly a production can whizz past. Before you know it the lights have faded, the music has died and we go back to our routines. But the show stays with us. A glint in the eye and smile as you cross a member of the cast or crew in the corridor. As if the true experience of the show is not what the audience saw, but a shared secret among new friends- a new family. Only they know the thrill, the anxiety, the excitement and the sudden loss.

So thank you everyone. From those who simply bought a ticket so we could do this, to those on and off stage. These memories will stay with us for a long time. They connect us in a shared experience, and they were a gift to cherish.

But don’t just take our word for it – we asked some of the participants to write about their experiences, and you can read their articles below.

Mrs Lloyd- Musical Director, Mr Smith- Theatrical Director, Mr Ashment- Assistant Musical Director, Miss Morgan- Choreography and Mrs Reavell- Stage Manager.


Props are a very important part of a musical; they are what make it all seem real. As expected, a lot of time and a lot of people were needed to pull off this ginormous task. Many different props had to be made, all greatly varying in size, from small gift certificates to massive banners. Lots of tasks relied on graphic design and technological skills – Microsoft Publisher became our best friend – however, precision, patience and a lot of card were required when assembling our designs. This task wouldn’t have been finished before the first night of Grease without all the people who gave away their lunchtimes and hours out of school to help collect and make all the props and especially to Miss Penacq, the creative genius behind the entire process.

Amelia and Lydia (Year 8)


Working with the Key Stage 3 ensemble was a very warm, fun and exciting experience for me and the other Key Stage 3 Drama Club leaders. We almost became like a family throughout the run of rehearsals through all the highs (and lows) we experienced together as a team! All the members of the ensemble really enjoyed themselves and were so glad to be part of such an amazing production. Let’s hope the next one will be as big a success as Grease was.

Rose (Year 12)


Kenickie! …Ben? …BEN!!! Where is he?!?! – sound of footsteps running towards us- he made it (of course), but it was stressful to say the least… Then again, looking back, the whole production was pretty stressful, but we were loving it. One night we had just finished setting up Marty’s bedroom (in record time), we had dealt with missing props and nose bleeds “blocks in place? Check! Dressing table? Check! Door? Check!” and finally we could relax, when suddenly … CRASH! “What was that?” It’s OK, it was just Mrs Reavell doing the final checks and tripping over the bench again! She needs shin pads! The show was brilliant with an outstanding cast and crew, who helped and supported each other. But you didn’t see us because of our stealth ninja skills and that is how it should be. Amazing experience – brilliant performances. Thank you, BOLHS

Charlie and Myrinda (Year 9)

I played bass guitar for the school production of Grease. After I was first introduced to the music just after the Christmas holidays, I worked hard to try and play it all in the two months before the show. Over the weeks before the performances there were countless rehearsals for all who participated and despite it not getting me out of many lessons, the whole rehearsal process was thoroughly enjoyable. I got to be around brilliant musicians and people that I wouldn’t usually talk to. The shows themselves were incredible! There was a fantastic atmosphere created by the excitement which was clearly echoed in the performance of everyone who took part. It was a great opportunity for me as a musician to develop my skills but also just to have a good time jamming and the whole show was well worth it. All the members of my family who came to watch the show gave it glowing reviews and thought it was well worth the evening.

Michael (Year 10)

Performing in Grease has been a wonderful experience. I played percussion in the band which was sometimes easy, sometimes hard. Most of it was playing congas but some pieces needed just a small extra flavour, which meant the tambourine would emerge from the box of tricks. The band was a decent size, but our fantastic pianist Mr Ashment really kept it strong, and don’t forget the drummers, Ethan and Noah, who did an outstanding job of keeping the time and Mrs Lloyd’s hair on! I will be looking forward to the next school musical – I’m hoping we could do Mamma Mia

David (Year 8)


Future chef cooking competition/Cystadleuaeth Goginio Cogydd Y Dyfodol


The competition started in school back in October. Alexander and I came second and first place, respectively, meaning we would progress to the local final in Gwent College in January.

Despite everything not being perfect at the local final, I won, resulting in my progression to the next round, the regional final! I made the same dishes as in the previous two rounds – salmon with beetroot puree, mashed potato, white wine and chive sauce and a chocolate fondant tart with a caramel sauce. I was very happy with how it all turned out although the standard was very high so I didn’t progress through to the national final.

Overall, the experience of cooking in professional kitchens, in a competition situation with professional chefs, was amazing and I absolutely loved it. I would especially like to thank Mrs Rees for supporting me throughout and helping develop my dishes.

Ewan (Year 10)

7ST’s French pen pal project/Prosiect Ffrind Post Ffrengig 7ST.


During our French lessons this month, we have been writing bilingual letters to a class of Year 7 students in France. Their school, Collège Arcs en Ciers, is situated in a village called Avenières, close to Lyon in the South East of France. The French students have been learning similar topics to us (in English, of course!) and that made it easier for us to exchange letters.

We have a received one letter in a pair or on our own, as their class is much smaller than ours, and we have almost finished a reply. The whole class is very excited about the project as we are finding it very helpful to read information in French about what we have learnt in lessons.  We hope to meet our pen pals one day!

Bibi, Isla and Alice (Year 7)

Exotic Pets Visit the Marion Centre/Anifeiliaid anwes yn ymweld â Chanolfan Marion


On Tuesday 6th March, David from Animal Zone came to visit the Marion Centre. We gathered with smiles on our faces and excitement in our eyes.

David showed us many exotic pets from all around the world. Cockroaches and millipedes came out first. We were able to hold them; he even put one on a student’s head! The toads were our favourite; they leapt out of the box and started jumping towards us. They jumped away and slipped out of David’s hands as he tried to catch them. It was very funny! You could feel the tension in the room when David brought out a giant, hairy tarantula. Even some of the teachers’ faces were full of fear. We held many other animals like a large, yellow snake and a black and white lizard.

What a fantastic day! Thank you, David, for such a wonderful experience.

 Dosbarth Lloyd George Students

Corey, Kyle, Mari, Zubair (Year 10); 

Emily and Joseph (Year 11); and 

Ewan and Towkir (Year 12)

Challenge Wratslavia 2018 in Wroclaw, Poland/Sialens Wratslavia 2018 yng Ngwlad Pŵyl


This fencing competition runs from the 22nd to the 26th March. A number of students from our school are representing Wales in the international tournament. I competed in the competition last year and it was an amazing experience. This is the second year for many of the fencers representing Wales but is a new experience for others. The competition is held in Wroclaw, Poland and hosts young athletes from all over Europe. We are hoping for some good results from Team Wales!

Amy (Year 9)

Our Trip to Disneyland Paris/Ein Taith I ‘Fyd Disney’, Paris


On the 8th of March 36 Year 9 students went on an 11-12 hour journey to Disneyland Paris. We had an amazing time on the first day, exploring the parks and going on awesome rides. But we had an even better time on the second day when we watched the fireworks and did a tiny bit of shopping – we particularly ‘loved’ converting everything into Euros!

We spent most of the day meeting characters and getting autographs. In the end we made the most of the weekend and overall we had a great time, the best part was going to sleep at 5am!

Thank you to all the teachers that were involved in the trip and we are very grateful.  We would like to say a big thank you and good bye to Mr. Joyce. This was his last trip with us.

Mollie and Shivam (Year 9)

Artistic achievements/Cyflawniadau Celfyddydol


While our School Eisteddfod is one of the highlights of the year, what many people sometimes don’t realise is the amount of work and creative effort that goes into the off-stage competitions. This year, the Art Department have been hugely impressed by two students, Isabelle in Year 7 and Holly in Year 9, who went above and beyond with their efforts to respond to the themes, which for Year 7 was to make a piece about your house in the style of the artists Miro and for Year 9 was to make a surreal style piece.

Isabelle and Holly’s work is shown here, and Holly has also produced the following rationale for her piece:

The main structure is an apple, cut in half, which is a reference to the work of Rene Magritte, who used apples in many of his pieces. It also links to the fact that St. Teilo is known to have planted a fruit grove during his times in Brittany and is considered to be the patron saint of apple trees.

The apple is adorned with three key elements that represent St. Teilo: a bishop’s mitre, fire and antlers. The bishop’s mitre, along with a cross and fish, represent St. Teilo’s ministry and role in the church. The fire represents the legends of St. Teilo defeating a dragon. One legend tells us that whilst he was in Brittany he saved the local people from a winged dragon by taming it and keeping it tied up to a rock in the sea. The antlers represent a stag. There is a tale that speaks of how St. Teilo was offered a challenge. A local lord offered him all the land he could encircle between sunset and sunrise. St. Teilo chose to ride on a stag to cover as much area in the given time as possible because a stag would have been fast and covered a large area.”

Mrs Lamont (Art Department)

Post it!/Postiwch hi!


Here in F block, we are proud to announce an exciting new competition!

Simply send a traditional picture postcard (in the post) to Mrs Bird in F Block. Write descriptively or briefly in ‘postcard’ style.

Post your card to:

Mrs Bird

Bishop of Llandaff Church in Wales High School

Rookwood Close





 A prize will be awarded for the card with best descriptive message, and there will be one ‘lucky dip’ prize.

The competition is open to all students and staff (who will have separate prizes)

All cards to arrive in school before 31st August 2018.

Mrs Bird (Inclusion Department)